Landfill Services

Landfill Services

The site recycles metal, tires, batteries, engine oil, oil filters, oil containers and processes the compost collected in Town. The Town of Nipawin, R.M. of Nipawin and Village of Codette, Village of Aylsham, Resort Village of Tobin Lake and the R.M. of Connaught currently own 49 hectares of land dedicated to landfill development. With only .6 Hectares of land being used per year, the landfill site should be adequate for the next 60-80 years. The facility has become a regional landfill shared by the Village of Aylsham, Village of Codette, Resort Village of Tobin Lake, Town of Nipawin, the R.M. of Nipawin and a portion of the R.M. of Connaught. The landfill services approximately 9,500 people.

Engine Oil, Filters, and Containers: 
Oil for recycling must not be contaminated with water, coolant, fuel, grease, cooking oil or solids. Used oil and used oil filters can be dropped off at the Eco-Centre located at the Nipawin Landfill free of charge. 

Nipawin Landfill Hours and Gate Fees

Current Operator/Co-Owner: Town of Nipawin
Current Co-Owners: R.M. of Nipawin, Village of Codette

Current Participating Municipalities: (Have an established cost sharing agreement with the owners)
Town of Nipawin
Village of Codette
R.M. of Nipawin
Resort Village of Tobin Lake
Village of Aylsham
R.M. of Connaught

Waste Diversion Center Rates January 1 2019 (Rates in effect until scale is operational)

These fees are in addition to established cost sharing agreements

Hours of Operation
Tuesday to Saturday from 8:30a.m. to 5:30pm
Closed Sunday, Monday and Statutory Holidays
Telephone: (Landfill) 306 – 862- 9292

There is a dedicated Gatekeeper and all items must be paid for before entry into the landfill



Regular Household Waste

Minimum Gate Fee (i.e. car, suv, van)

$ 5.00

Half ton truck


Utility trailer (single axle)


Tandem Trailer / one ton truck


Tandem Trailer / large


Tandem Truck



Tandem Truck 20 yard open top


Tandem Truck 30 yard open top $100.00



Clean Wood/Tree Branches/Compost

No charge (only when separated  - if mixed with household waste, then regular gate fees apply)


Residential No Charge
Commercial, Car/SUV $5.00
Commercial - Half Ton / Utility Trailer $20.00
Commercial - Large Van / Medium Trailers $40.00


 Small Refrigerated


Large Refrigerated


Tires (Sask Scrap Tire Fees)



Medium Truck




Off Road / mining small


 Off Road / Large


Construction and Demolition

Same rates as House Hold Waste

 Fire Demolition Disposal Terms:

Appliances must be separated from Demolition Materials and no deliveries accepted until 30 (thirty) days after the Fire has extinguished.

To enable residents to displose of excess clean-up material. All loads to the Disposal Site must be tarped or securely fastened. Those individuals not complying with the above shall be subject to prosecution under the applicable Town Bylaw, Highway Traffic Act, or Litter Control Act.

Should you have any questions or comments regarding any of the above items, please contact the Town Office.

Your co-operation is greatly appreciated.

Blaine Crowely
Director of Works & Utilities

Nipawin Waste Management Services


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