Animal Control

1064/18 Animal Control Bylaw


657/93 Building Bylaw

A Bylaw to regulate building in the Town of Nipawin

1 Deck Information

A Development and Building Permit is required for the construction of any deck larger than 107.5 square feet.

1 Fence Information

Although a Building Permit is not required to build a fence, some regulations do apply.

866/07 Maintenance and Occupancy

A Bylaw of the Town of Nipawin to Establish and Enforce Minimum Standards of Maintenance and Repair of Buildings in the Town


1075/19 Cemeteries


1010/18 Fire & Rescue Services Bylaw


1053/18 Business License Bylaw

A Bylaw to Classify, License and Regulate Business Activity Within the Town of Nipawin

1073/19 To Amend Council Procedures Bylaw

1052/18 Airport Bylaw

1024/17 Council Procedural Bylaw

A Bylaw to Regulate the Proceedings of Municipal Council and Committees of Council

1060/19 Noise Bylaw

1060/19 Noise Bylaw

A Bylaw of the Town of Nipawin, to prohibit certain activities creating noise and to abate the incidence of noise and to restrict the hours when certain sounds may be made.

902/10 Nuisance Abatement Bylaw

The purpose of this bylaw is to provide for the abatement of nuisances, including property, activities, or things that adversely affect: a) the safety, health or welfare of people in the neighbourhood; b) people’s use and enjoyment of their property; or c) the amenity of a neighbourhood.

1054/18 Obstruction on Streets, Roads & Property

1049/18 Smoking and Vaping Bylaw

A Bylaw to Regulate Smoking and Vaping in Public Places

1043/18 Waste Control

A Bylaw to Regulate Proper Collection and Disposal of Waste


1040/18 Base Tax Bylaw

A Bylaw to establish base tax

1039/18 Discounts and Penalties Bylaw

1041/18 Mill Rate Factors

A bylaw to establish mill rate factors

1048/18 Tax Certificate Fees

A Bylaw to set the fees charged for tax certificates


1028/17 Traffic Bylaw

Bylaw Regulating Traffic Upon the Public Streets in the Town of Nipawin and Preserving Order Therein

Water & Sewer

1007/16 Water - Sewer Rates Bylaw (Schedule 1)

A Bylaw to fix the rates charged for water and sewer

1007/16 (Schedule A) Water-Sewer Consumption Rates

Monthly Water Consumption Rates

859/07 Water-Sewer Management Bylaw

Bylaw for the maintenance and management of the waterworks and sanitary sewer systems

Zoning & Planning

1047 Zoning Amendment - Cannabis

763 Zoning Bylaw